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Please note: The Litebook Elite has now been discontinued and is no longer available. The latest version of the Litebook is the smaller, more portable Litebook Edge. You can find it here.

The Litebook Elite is the revolutionary SAD light therapy lamp, recommended by ITV's This Morning, The Guardian newspaper and many others. Its patented LED technology makes it a fraction of the size of regular lamps, making it easy to get the natural healing benefits of light into your routine. It is clinicially proven for treating SAD, jet lag and DSPS among others.
If you're looking for a replacement power lead for your existing Litebook, you can find it by clicking here.

Please note: The Litebook Elite has now been discontinued and is no longer available. The latest version of the Litebook is the smaller, more portable Litebook Edge. You can find it here.

Recommended by ITV's This Morning

The Revolutionary Litebook SAD Light

The Litebook Elite is transforming light therapy, thanks to its compact, stylish and user-friendly design that produces the equivalent of 10,000 lux. The Litebook is just 2% of the size of a regular SAD light, and only requires half of the usage time. The result? A device that makes it easy to fit light therapy into your routine. It is all thanks to the Litebooks patented use of white LEDs, which are not only smaller and safer that fluorescent lamps, but also more effective.

Litebook - the next generation of SAD light boxes!

How to use the LitebookThe Litebook SAD lamp is clinically proven to be effective in the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and seasonal depression (winter blues). It can also alleviate jet lag and many other conditions. Typical usage time is just 15 - 30 minutes each morning. Unlike conventional SAD light boxes, you do not need to look directly into it; you simply have it pointing at your face from an angle at about arms length. This means you can use it while having breakfast, read a newspaper or put your make-up on. Light therapy has never been so easy!

The compact Litebook Elite light box has a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ION battery which gives at least 2 hours use per charge. It has an inbuilt battery level indicator so you know when its running low. The Worldwide AC mains adaptor (US/Europe/Australia/UK) makes the Litebook elite perfect for jet lag applications - you can take it almost anywhere.

Litebook Elite Main Benefits:

  • Provides 24 bright white light LEDs each with individual Fresnel lens to focus beam.
  • Emits the equivalent of 10,000 lux for effective therapy.
  • Contains a diffuser to reduce glare.
  • Gentle 5 second illumination build-up.
  • Includes detachable cover/stand.
  • Sturdy travel pouch with space for the charger included.
  • Includes a built in timer function that stores 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute treatment times.
  • Lasts over 2 hours on a full battery charge. That's enough to tackle jet lag after an 8 hour flight from the US back to London.
  • Has a built-in rechargeable battery.

Clinically proven, natural white light

When looking for a suitable S.A.D. Lightbox, you may have come across blue light emitting lights and fluorescent lights. It is worthwhile noting the many research papers on the hazards presented by blue light. Just Google "blue light hazard" to find out for yourself the risks they may pose to your health. Unlike Litebook, some lightbox manufacturers cannot state their lamps don't emit UV. Ultra Violet radiation is linked to various risks itself as can be seen via this search. The Litebook emits no harmful UV radiation and uses white light LEDs only. The average user requires less treatment time with the Litebook compared to fluorescent light products. The Litebook has been clinically proven to not only be effective, but also incredibly safe. Studies have shown that the Litebook Elite produces light that is the equivalent of 10,000 lux in brightness.

Video Presentation Of The Litebook In Use

Click a thumbnail preview to start the video in a new pop-up window. Requires Flash. Please note that they feature the very first, much older and bulkier Litebook. The new Litebook Elite as displayed on this page is smaller, battery powered and even more effective; you get what they talk about in the clips below but in an even more attractive package!

Without the need to plug it in, you can use the Litebook wherever you fancy! Customers use their Litebook on the train to work and in the office! No need to sit-and-stare! Just get on with your daily routine.
Litebook video presentation
Litebook on a chat show
Daily Planet - The Discovery Channel
Co-creator Larry Pederson on the Vicki Gabereau Show

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We are extremely proud of the Litebook Elite, and we're so confident in its quality and effectiveness that we offer a 60-day money back guarantee and a two year warranty. If do not notice any effect from using the Litebook within two months then you can send it back for a refund. Similarly, the build quality of such that we offer a two-year warranty - double that of most alternatives. Plus there's the exceptional Intus Healthcare aftercare on-hand if you need any help or advice.

Available with zero-rated VAT

Because S.A.D. is recognized as a medical condition by HRMC, the Litebook Elite can be purchased without paying VAT. You only qualify for this exemption if you are buying it for personal use and suffer chronically from SAD. You will not be asked for a diagnosis or prescription, but will need to tick a box confirming this is the case during the checkout procedure.

Technical details:

Dimensions:12.5cm x 12.5cm x 2.5cm
Power input:100-240V AC (4 international plugs included)
Voltage:12V DC
Power:2.4 watts
Battery:Built-in rechargeable lithium-ION
Warranty:2 years

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  • Stop looking and buy this one!: Review by -

    Hi, after many years of suffering SAD and depression I finally researched and got myself a Litebook. I got it last Nov (2012) and I'm glad I did as it did make a huge difference. I'm not bouncing around happy as Larry, but I'm not as DOWN as I would have been during the winter months either. As the clocks have changed and it's started getting darker I've dug it out again and am noticing the positive effects of using it again this year.

    I like that it mimics midday sunlight and doesn't do 'blue light' (as there's some research that blue light isn't so good for people), it's portable (so it can go on holiday with me) and isn't huge (my friend has a different make for her hubby and it's massive). I use it every day for 6 months of the year for about 20 mins in the morning (so don't be fooled after using it for a few weeks that you're feeling better and can stop using it as you'll soon go back to where you started!)

    My wife will tell you I research stuff thoroughly before buying anything (which I do) so my advice to you is stop looking, pondering, whatever and just buy this great little gadget. I'm sure you will, like me, be glad that you did. My wife is quite chuffed with the happier version of me too :-)

  • Best money I ever spent: Review by -

    I suffer from fibromyalgia and have not been able to get a proper nights sleep for over fifteen years. I also have severe problems in my neck and shoulders, which makes it painful just to lie in bed. I bought a Litebook at the end of last winter and immediately noticed an improvement in my sleep. However when we got a few days of sunshine I foolishly stopped.
    I again started using it three weeks ago. I can't say that I have a lot more energy, as I really don't BUT I am sleeping like a log. There was a bad fire in our street on Saturday night and I slept through the noise of the fire brigade, police cars, ambulances and paramedics plus the flashing lights!!! This morning I did the same with a delivery despite the poor man ringing the front door bell for some time.
    I wish I had got one of these wonderful Liteboxes years ago. I no longer DREAD going to bed but look forward to it as I sleep within minutes and stay asleep for six to eight hours at a time. I intend to use it all year through in the future. Also as a result of sleeping better I feel a lot better.
    I certainly recommend it to anyone who has problems with sleep because of painful conditions. It works for me and I am so grateful.

  • Excellent.: Review by -

    I have been using a light box for 30 years. I also suffer from depression and thought it was time I bought a new one, as I had very bad SAD last winter. This product is AMAZING. I just use it for 15mins, 2 or 3 times a day, depending on how much sun is available. I feel cheerful and full of energy. I am usually ready to hibernate by now. I thought it was expensive but it is worth every penny. 5 STARS.

  • Buy one. Today!: Review by -

    I am not one to gush but felt compelled to leave a review. Although this product is not cheap I cannot emphasise enough what a tremendous buy it was. Having suffered SAD for years I thought it was a lost cause. GPs only seem to want to write a prescription for antidepressants and don't understand why I refuse them.
    The Litebook Elite has seriously been the best money I've spent in a long time. It is compact, easy to use and good quality. It's rechargable and comes with 4 different adaptors for each continent! Very portable too and I can use it anywhere.
    I usually use it for 20 minutes each morning and it makes a huge difference to my mood and energy levels. In addition to this it surprised me further by helping to regulate my body clock. I wasn't expecting that but am certainly very pleased about these effects. Despite the constant lethargy before I had the Litebook, I often found it difficult to sleep at bedtime and had a terrible sleeping pattern (or complete lack of pattern!) but my brain now seems more alert during the day and more ready to sleep at a decent hour at night.
    Honestly can't recommend this product enough!!

  • Sceptic Converted: Review by -

    I have never written a review for anything and I was initially not going to bother writing one on the Litebook, but I thought about it and decided a few minutes of my time was the least I could do in return for such a great product.
    I have never suffered from SAD or any form of depression (other than a few weeks of post baby blues) up until this winter.
    I began a new job in July 2010 which is in an environment where there is no natural light at all. I have always been a very outdoorsy person and during the summer months felt no ill effects.
    However by about the beginning of November I could not understand what was wrong with me and I was becoming increasingly worried. I could not get up in the mornings, felt uninterested in ever thing, felt overwhelmed by the slightest problem and tearful and anxious all the time. This was a state so alien to me I booked a doctors appointment during the Christmas break.
    She took blood tests and checked me over but could find little wrong. However she did suggest I was suffering from depression and due to my working conditions that I might find a full spectrum light useful.
    I was desperate not to take any anit depressants and so after reading information about SAD on the internet decided to make a purchase.
    Within about 5-7 days I realised that I suddenly "felt normal" again. It was as if someone had opened the curtains and all the word looked bright and shiny again and I could back on with my life.
    I use my Lightbook every morning on waking for 15-20 mins, then I take it to work and have a morning half hour and a lunch time half hour.
    I can concentrate fully, am happy again and feel fine. I have found the person I did not realise I had lost!
    Thank you so much for making a portable and effective, easy to use product. It has transformed my life.

  • Litebook proves my critics wrong: Review by -

    I wish I had bought one twenty years ago, when I first heard about them. Back then in the 1990's, my family criticised and laughingly mocked the information I had discovered about SAD and light boxes. Now after using my Litebook since last November, I can confidently say that it has improved my wellbeing drastically, over the past winter.

    After a particularly difficult year, I was dreading the onset of the dark winter months. I also moved house and as much as I like my little cottage, it is old with timber beams and small windows, which means there is limited light. So I planned ahead with the help of the internet and researched light boxes. The Litebook seemed like the best option, therefore I decided to treat myself to an early Christmas present.

    It was straightforward to fit the Litebook session in to my day. I would just put it on whilst having my breakfast and either watching the news or checking my emails. This winter (2010-2011) has been recorded as one of the harshest and dullest for many years according to the BBC weather. Yet, I have remained energetic and positive pretty much throughout. The only real change I made was introducing the Litebook in to my life. I believe it has definitely enhanced my quality of life during the winter months and proved my critics wrong.

  • A Great Product: Review by -

    The Litebook is amazing. It is small, compact and easy to use. Although we haven't had it very long, it has certainly helped my whole family get through what is left of a dark and dismal British winter! We are all much happier and are sleeping all night. It has definitely made a positive impact on our lives and we wouldn't be without it now. I would highly recommend it.

  • Useful: Review by -

    Very easy to use, the light feels good as though it mimics sunlight. Definitely good for winter blues. I haven't used it as yet for jet lag so unsure of its effectiveness. Its hard to really link wheher I am feeling positive or negative due to the product itself. Will continue to use nevertheless and watch its impact and repost if necessary.

  • Essential for winter months!: Review by -

    I had terrible problems with motivation and energy in the Winter months. I also have a circadian cycle that more than 24 hours. This means that when I don't get enough light to reset it, I end up going to bed later and later each day.

    These two combined used to wreak havoc on my productivity and enjoyment of life between November and March.

    I'd looked at light therapy before, but the light boxes I'd seen were too expensive and cumbersome. I look after our baby daughter in the mornings, so I can't sit down quietly in the same place for 30 minutes after waking up.

    I'd pretty much given up on solving the problem, until I saw a LiteBook recommended on the blog "Winter Blues Coach". Encouraged by review, and the 60-day money back guarantee, I bought it.

    I can't believe what a difference it's made! My energy is much closer to summer levels, and I no longer find myself unable to sleep before 4 AM in the middle of Winter.

    The Litebook is really sturdily built, and I can get my therapy anywhere. It's easily rechargeable and there are no glass bulbs to break if a toddler pulls it onto the floor :-)

    I'm really, really pleased with this little device, and it's now part of my regular Winter-time routine. I recommend it to anyone I meet who has problems with SAD or a screwed-up body clock!

  • good product but dissapointed with faulty battery: Review by -

    bought my litebook feb 09. found it a helped a lot. Just began using it again today after feeling completely drained and depressed and having no energy. Cannot believe how much of a difference it has made to my motivation and energy levels I really feel a light at the end of a tunnel. On e problem the battery in the litebox is not charging up I hope I can get a replacement its less than 12 months old and has only been used for a couple of winter months.

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