Testimonials from Litebook customers and users

The Litebook Edge is not only clinically proven, but its effectiveness is also endorsed by thousands of people who have used it. Here are just a few of the testimonials we have recieved about the Litebook.

- It works!

"The winter of 2010/2011 has been a particularly dismal one up here at Priddy - day after day of rain, fog, cold, grey, dark skies - and even now it still isn't very spring-like outside. So in desperation I thought I would try a neat little product called the Litebook. As it has a 60 day guarantee I had nothing to lose and having spoken with the suppliers was confident returning it wouldn't be a problem, with no questions asked.

"I could hardly wait to get to this bit - IT WORKS!! My miserable, pessimistic mood has completely gone, I've got new energy and my concentration and my thought process is so much better too. I've only had it a week but there is no way I could be kidding myself about this, I'm almost scared though, that I'll wake up one morning and the gloomy mood will be sitting on my shoulders again. However, this does feel quite different to just a passing moment of euphoria and I would certainly recommend anyone who has an inkling of SAD to try the Litebook".

Caroline Shipsey - 14/10/2009 (excerpt from her blog - read full entry here)

- Thoroughly recommended

"Beat those winter blues with this excellent device. It's rechargeable, small and comes with a very elegant and practical carry case including an ingenious multi country plug adapters useful for world travelers. This is a medically proven device now available to the general public at a very reasonable price & the supplier is a pleasure to deal with. Get one and feel better."

johncrosby - 14/10/2009

- I am now able to fit so much more into each day!

"I have been using the Litebook for about four weeks now and have really been impressed by the results. I'm 45 and I have probably always had SAD. This has a huge effect on all aspects of everyday life - work, relationships, leisure time, and general outlook. I've been prescribed anti-depressant drugs and had a few goes at counseling. Over the years I've read about light therapy but when I last visited my doctor I saw a locum instead, who suggested I try it. That was the push I needed.

"It took about two weeks for me to experience real changes. I used to find myself half way through a sentence with a sudden, embarrassing, lack of words, and found my thinking was generally fuzzy. This has now been redressed. This clarity has also made a huge difference to may ability to make decisions.

"I am now able to fit so much more into each day; I used to start something, imagining it would take about, say, an hour, then check the clock to find that two hours had passed. Now, what seems like an hour turns out to be 30 minutes. I just can't believe how much I get through in a day. I didn't intend to ramble on for so long, but if my testimonial leads to just one person experiencing the changes that I have, it will have been worth it."

Jo Car - 17/09/2007

- Back to "normal" within a couple of days

"In trying to find help for my seasonal affective disorder, I tried both the Litebook and another product which uses blue light. The second product claimed to be #1 rated and was much cheaper.

"After the xmas holidays, I was feeling absolutely awful. I bought the Litebook and immediately noticed a difference in how I felt. I mean immediately. Within an hour. I was afraid to believe it though. After a week, I was feeling much better.

"After a couple of weeks of using Litebook, I decided to try the other product. I started to wonder why I was feeling so poorly. I was eating properly and wasn't overdoing things in other areas. But my sleep patterns were highly disrupted and I just felt awful.I switched back to the Litebook and was back to "normal" within a couple of days.

"Thank you for your product."

Deb from Canada - 03/04/2007

- Substantially changed my energy levels

"I have had my litebook for a month. Daily use has substantially changed my energy levels, mood and general outlook, particularly in the last week. I have begun to wean off my antidepressants, without any noticible effects. My diet has effortlessly become healthier, as my cravings for sugar and junk food have decreased. Truly, the litebook has changed my life in such a ahort time!!! I normally would be dreading the hoildays by now, too much to do, no energy, but am excited. My son is using it as well, he is 12 and has incorporated the habit in his morning routine, he thinks it has been very helpful. I researched therapy lights in depth, and am very pleased with my purchase."

Anonymous - 02/12/2006

- I normally gain weight in the winter

"Beginning each fall I start winding down with life-draining fatigue; inability to 'get started' at work or play; want to just fall back into bed for more & more sleep. In the short time that I used The Litebook, I've started to feel like I've emerged from a long hibernation & actually felt up to entertaining. Normally I gain weight every winter. Last year I did not while using the SAD light."

Susan P - 22/11/2006

- Skeptical at first

"I was soooo skeptical, because I had suffered from these winter blues all my life and did not know life was any different! My energy level has increased dramatically, my sleep pattern of waking up soooo many times in the night has disappeared and my appetite for sweets and carbs just disappeared in two day, better than any diet pill I have ever swallowed!"

Anonymous - 27/10/2006

- This is an incredible product!!

"Clinical depression was ruining my life for over 20 years. In the last three years I've been on four different antidepressants. My last depression cost me my job.

"Then I purchased the Litebook. I thought I should try it because my depressions always came in the spring. I heard of other SAD lamps, but they were too huge for my little apartment.

"I've only been using the Litebook for 3 months now, and I've already weaned off both the antidepressants prescribed for me this summer. The miracle is that January is my absolute worst month, but I feel fantastic! I do 30 minutes of light therapy each morning at breakfast, and the little Litebook doesn't even get in the way.

"This is an incredible product!! It's unfortunate that more physicians don't promote this therapy as diligently as they should. My last doctor didn't have a clue about light therapy or SAD lamps, and he was the one who had me on 2 different meds."

Monica from Victoria, BC - 12/02/2006